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When exploring abandoned chateau’s / villa’s it’s the little things that are left behind that tell the story. They give you a little snippet into the life that was once lived within the four walls. I am never really comfortable exploring such locations, I get a sense that the owners will walk through the door at any given minute as if they had just nipped out for bread and milk.

Such possessions don’t usually last very long in these abandoned dwellings as they are subjected to looters and vandals who care more about profit and destruction rather that the documentation of such beauty.



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Home to the Kennedy family of Ulverston and built in 1874. It was built by Myles Kennedy who with his brother Charles Burton Kennedy formed Kennedy Brothers ( Mining Company ), after the death of their father ¬†Charles Storr Kennedy. Charles Burton Kennedy died in 1865 and Myles took over the company. Myles married Margaret Rowley in 1861 and together they had 16 children, 6 sons and 10 daughters. the Kennedy’s resided in the home until about 1950.

The mansions more recent use was as a “Special School” owned by Lancashire County Council who are said to be responsible for the removal of the grand staircase in the main hall to make space so the kids could play football!!!!

From the mid 80’s through until about 2002 it was used as the head offices of Marl International who spent hundreds of thousands of pounds restoring it to it’s former glory. However Marl had to leave when planning permission was refused for an extension.

It has since been subject to vandals and fire damage and it’s future remains uncertain. Below is how it once stood