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If you browse through any explorers photo-stream you will undoubtedly come across the lonely chair. The majority of explores have them in one shape or another. An old Asylum will somewhere have a broken down, decaying wheelchair. Hospitals will have some sort of operating chair, a dentist chair perhaps. Whatever shape or form they come in you can guarantee an explorer has photographed it, and I am no different.

As the title says, it’s a cliché but at the same time a classic. All these chairs are some indication of occupancy. The wheelchair would have had someone in it being pushed, the dentist chair would ( if it was me ) have a screaming patient squirming in it.

…and last but by no means least one of my all time fav “Urbex” shots

As long as there is a forlorn chair cast aside in the depths of these dilapidated buildings , there is a shot waiting to go on my photostream.

This post is dedicated to my urbex buddy “Shando”, enjoy dude!!

Critical Out!


Along with the staircases, it is the corridors that make epic viewing in old asylums. From beginning to end they seem to tell a tale about the building they reside in. A walkway out, or vice versa, a walkway to, the room you will spend most of your days in. Most of the old asylums tell a tale of misery and sadness which you can feel oozing through these narrow chambers

Here are a just a few of my favourites from a few explores.

Here’s to the next walk down a dark and distant past!