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Fierce winds and white knuckles! I was holding on for dear life.


Critical Out!!


My Name Is Critical Mass

“Who the hell is that” I hear you say, and you’d have good reason to. I’ve been milling around the net for aeons now Facebook, Flickr, Twitter….the list is endless. Decided to start a blog and share , not sure what i am going to say and not really sure who is going to want to listen but i’ll share my adventures anyway.

Been an active “Urban Explorer” and general scallywag for a few years now and always wanted to start my own website for my “UE” images but the thought of it just sent my brain into meltdown, so I’ll start small and see were things go from here.

It will mainly be photography based but I’m sure there will be some curved balls thrown in once in a while.

Introduction over, thanks for stopping by!