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Slight change of direction from a usual Saturday afternoon, which would normally find me at “Casa Mass” listening or watching the football. “Come climb this mountain with me it will be fun” he said. Well it’s safe to say our ideas of fun are somewhat on totally different levels.

There are numerous ways to reach the top of Snowdon but by far the most challenging and quite scary for the mountaineering noob ( like myself ) is via “Crib Goch”.

On the right is the path down, that was the easy bit, it was the knife edge walk along the top and the climb to get up there!! Not for the faint hearted.

I must admit though I am glad I took up this mini challenge as the views were simply breathtaking and the feeling of accomplishment even greater.

The above shot needs to be seen big so click the link below or full effect….oh VIEW LARGE!!


Big shout to Mr Morris ( below ) for organizing the trip, I owe you one!!

It was my first and mountain and will be my last for a while but it was worth every footstep!!

Critical Out!!