Sometimes on an explore the bigger picture seems to take over me and I have to go as wide as possible and try and fit as much as I can into a scene. With these shots i busted out the 50mm and tried to grab a few details, which mean just as much as the abandoned corridor or the empty room.

These were all from an abandoned school which had some really cool rooms with stuff to get my teeth into. I don’t really get the 50 out as much as I like or should, will that change? I don’t know……..we’ll just have to wait and see.

Critical Out!


With a distinct lack of an attractive model I once again find myself home alone, learning the way of the strobe. It is a troubled path that I must conquor!! 🙂

Along with non existent hotties to photograph a lack of props to make the shots interesting is always a pain.

So I lead you to believe that I converted to black and white to create a moody atmosphere when in reality it was just to hide my slightly ( and I stress slightly ) ginger beard!!

Critical Out!!


After checking out the new phlegm piece as seen in my previous post I took a trip to the abandoned tool factory to check out the Rocket01 pieces. I hear the security guard at this place can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes he’ll show explorers round other times not, so to eliminate the risk of an early bath stealth was deployed and I entered the back way :).

There was a bit of activity but a shufty here and slide there and I was into the main building where the art is. After that it was a nice relaxed mooch sniffing out the pieces. that is until I was on my way out and almost bumped into him inside!! I think he must have been a bit deaf as a slammed door and hectic footsteps led to no chase.

Anyhow, no more drivvle from me….on with the shots!!


There was more inside and I’ll probably upload in another post.

Critical Out!!

Another big wall and another big piece!! Finished work on Friday afternoon and eat up the 60 or so miles East?, I think,  to go check out Phlegm’s new piece. Apparently he is going to be up and down walls for a while now so may not need the Sat-nav eventually!!

Sky was perfect for moody take on this monstrous piece.

Thought I would shove my ugly mug in again for a sense of scale, or vanity, you decide!! lol

Another awesome piece and as long as Phlegm’s mind and artistic talents keep ticking over so will my shutter button

Critical Out!!

A Place To Call My Own

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Started this blog as I didn’t have the time or the know how to set up my own website, which I have wanted to do for a while now. Well I finally got off my backside, not literally, as I am still sat at the computer and sorted myself out.

To have an all singing all dancing multimedia experience I would either have to be Bill Gates or as rich as Bill Gates and pay someone to do it but unfortunately I am neither. I don’t think I wanted such a site anyway, just a small corner of the internet would do me where I wouldn’t be any bother anybody. A simple place to host my predominately “Urban Exploration” shots with a few more thrown in as well  and hope people might go and take a look. So if you feel inclined just click the link 🙂


Along with the staircases, it is the corridors that make epic viewing in old asylums. From beginning to end they seem to tell a tale about the building they reside in. A walkway out, or vice versa, a walkway to, the room you will spend most of your days in. Most of the old asylums tell a tale of misery and sadness which you can feel oozing through these narrow chambers

Here are a just a few of my favourites from a few explores.

Here’s to the next walk down a dark and distant past!

Took a ride out to see the new pieces Phlegm had put out and check out some oldies too while I was in the neighbourhood.

The main one I wanted to see was the giant Robot head that sits at some old sub station on the outskirts of Sheffield. I had seen the pictures from his blog but didn’t get a sense of scale until I was stood before it.This is the biggest piece of his that I have seen in the flesh and the amount of detail is incredible. From the workings inside the head, the lantern that is lit up, the number 42 on the computer ( which apparently is the answer to the ultimate question ) and the man inside the robots hand.

Detailed shot of the head, so much going on here, awesome!!

…and at the controls of the hand!

A stunning piece!!

The other new piece was one really tucked away on a big oil drum ( Thanks Fiona for info ). The Ancient Mariners. I think I caught it just at the right time too as the rising suns really gives it some colour

After grabbing these 2 pieces it was just a case  of chasing a few oldies to finish off the day.

An awesome way to spend a freezing cold Sunday morning!!

Cheers Critical!

Was back on the strobe trail today and being a tightwad i still only have the one.  I was always told though  “don’t try to walk before you can run” so for now I’ll stick to learning with one and when it’s time to move up I’ll borrow another…………I may be better with lights but that don’t mean I’m still not a tightwad!! lol

Who doesn’t wish they were a Rock Star!!

Who wishes they weren’t a moody bugger!!

There is only 1 good thing to come out of Winter ( besides Santa ), and that is the shorter days. It means I can get out at a reasonable hour and grab some night time shots. I love this kind of photography because the shot’s you can achieve are stunning and vibrant, which is such a massive contrast to what i am used to shooting.

So 7pm and it was down to the Media Village in Manchester to grab myself some colour and reflections.

Nothing much I can add to what I said in this previous post, just enjoy the art!!


What A place eh??!!