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With a distinct lack of an attractive model I once again find myself home alone, learning the way of the strobe. It is a troubled path that I must conquor!! ūüôā

Along with non existent hotties to photograph a lack of props to make the shots interesting is always a pain.

So I lead you to believe that I converted to black and white to create a moody atmosphere when in reality it was just to hide my slightly ( and I stress slightly ) ginger beard!!

Critical Out!!



Was back on the strobe trail today and being a tightwad i still only have the one.¬† I was always told though¬† “don’t try to walk before you can run” so for now I’ll stick to learning with one and when it’s time to move up I’ll borrow another…………I may be better with lights but that don’t mean I’m still not a tightwad!! lol

Who doesn’t wish they were a Rock Star!!

Who wishes they weren’t a moody bugger!!

My Weapons Of Choice

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Yours Truly

Nikon For The Win!!

  • Nikon D700¬† Originally an Olympus shooter but with all the commotion about wether or not the E-5 was going to be their final SLR I decided to jump ship while my gear still held a little value. Was the best move i ever made. the ISO capabilities and the auto bracketing where the main pulling points.
  • AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED¬† My main go to lens when shooting Urban Exploration. It is super wide and super sharp across the whole of the frame.
  • AF Fisheye-Nikkor 16mm f/2.8D¬†¬†A real fun lens to shoot with and really comes into its own when even the 14-24mm is not wide enough¬†
  • AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D¬† Everybody should own a 50mm, awesome in low light and super sharp.
  • Manfrotto¬†055XPROB Pro Tripod (Black)¬†I was always under the impression a tripod was going to be the last thing I ever spent any real money on – how wrong was I? If you shoot low light / Long exposures or HDr then a tripod is essential. I used a cheap old bog standard tripod for at least a year laughing at the people who spent hundreds on theirs, It was only when i actually used one that I was ¬†blown away by the build and complexity of these heavyweights. Seriously, if you haven’t already then upgrade your tripod!!!!!
  • Compact Ball Head with RC2 Rapid Connect System
  • Light Duty Grip Ball Head
  • Basic Pan Tilt Head with Quick Lock

My Name Is Critical Mass

“Who the hell is that” I hear you say, and you’d have good reason to. I’ve been milling around the net for aeons now Facebook, Flickr, Twitter….the list is endless. Decided to start a blog and share , not sure what i am going to say and not really sure who is going to want to listen but i’ll share my adventures anyway.

Been an active “Urban Explorer” and general scallywag for a few years now and always wanted to start my own website for my “UE” images but the thought of it just sent my brain into meltdown, so I’ll start small and see were things go from here.

It will mainly be photography based but I’m sure there will be some curved balls thrown in once in a while.

Introduction over, thanks for stopping by!