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Was back on the strobe trail today and being a tightwad i still only have the one.  I was always told though  “don’t try to walk before you can run” so for now I’ll stick to learning with one and when it’s time to move up I’ll borrow another…………I may be better with lights but that don’t mean I’m still not a tightwad!! lol

Who doesn’t wish they were a Rock Star!!

Who wishes they weren’t a moody bugger!!


There is only 1 good thing to come out of Winter ( besides Santa ), and that is the shorter days. It means I can get out at a reasonable hour and grab some night time shots. I love this kind of photography because the shot’s you can achieve are stunning and vibrant, which is such a massive contrast to what i am used to shooting.

So 7pm and it was down to the Media Village in Manchester to grab myself some colour and reflections.

Journey’s End

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Non-Urbex

Been a bit slack of late with the blog, apologies for the 3 of you that read it LOL. Been having a play with Photoshop this week. i’ve got  layers and masks coming out of my ears!!

It is not so much the technical side, albeit i am still in super noob mode at that but the imagination and concept of putting together the image.

So off i went to grab a couple of shots for the base of my image and after a scout on the net I had the other 2 images to see if i could make it work.


So above are the four image that went to make up the final image, hope you like 🙂

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Observer

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Non-Urbex

Had a little break from the norm and took some shots of the kids. Love taking their photo but My GOD! how do the professionals do this for a living. “Just keep still”……..”Annabelle, just look this way”…….they were having none of it lol. A bit of a break from the “Urbex” norm so I had a little creative fun.

This was not meant to be my finished shot but once I open Photoshop I tend to get a little carried away. Going to try and concentrate more on shooting people, see how it goes anyway.