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After checking out the new phlegm piece as seen in my previous post I took a trip to the abandoned tool factory to check out the Rocket01 pieces. I hear the security guard at this place can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes he’ll show explorers round other times not, so to eliminate the risk of an early bath stealth was deployed and I entered the back way :).

There was a bit of activity but a shufty here and slide there and I was into the main building where the art is. After that it was a nice relaxed mooch sniffing out the pieces. that is until I was on my way out and almost bumped into him inside!! I think he must have been a bit deaf as a slammed door and hectic footsteps led to no chase.

Anyhow, no more drivvle from me….on with the shots!!


There was more inside and I’ll probably upload in another post.

Critical Out!!


Another big wall and another big piece!! Finished work on Friday afternoon and eat up the 60 or so miles East?, I think,  to go check out Phlegm’s new piece. Apparently he is going to be up and down walls for a while now so may not need the Sat-nav eventually!!

Sky was perfect for moody take on this monstrous piece.

Thought I would shove my ugly mug in again for a sense of scale, or vanity, you decide!! lol

Another awesome piece and as long as Phlegm’s mind and artistic talents keep ticking over so will my shutter button

Critical Out!!

Took a ride out to see the new pieces Phlegm had put out and check out some oldies too while I was in the neighbourhood.

The main one I wanted to see was the giant Robot head that sits at some old sub station on the outskirts of Sheffield. I had seen the pictures from his blog but didn’t get a sense of scale until I was stood before it.This is the biggest piece of his that I have seen in the flesh and the amount of detail is incredible. From the workings inside the head, the lantern that is lit up, the number 42 on the computer ( which apparently is the answer to the ultimate question ) and the man inside the robots hand.

Detailed shot of the head, so much going on here, awesome!!

…and at the controls of the hand!

A stunning piece!!

The other new piece was one really tucked away on a big oil drum ( Thanks Fiona for info ). The Ancient Mariners. I think I caught it just at the right time too as the rising suns really gives it some colour

After grabbing these 2 pieces it was just a case  of chasing a few oldies to finish off the day.

An awesome way to spend a freezing cold Sunday morning!!

Cheers Critical!

Nothing much I can add to what I said in this previous post, just enjoy the art!!


What A place eh??!!

An old hotel on the outskirts of the city, taken over by some amazing artists. These guys have a skill and talent i could only ever dream of.

It was an early morning start so managed to watch the sunrise over the city before the days shooting began.

Inside was no disappointment, some awesome pieces from some of the city’s finest. Phlegm, Rocket01, Fauna, Kid Acne and more can be found on all levels of the hotel.

I spent a good few hours here seeking out all the pieces, I still think I missed one or two!!

Was never a fan of graffiti, if it was daubed on a wall or building i happened to be passing it would get no more attention than a bus passing in the opposite direction. However this slowly changed when my love of Urban Exploration grabbed hold of me. Graffiti to me was a tag thrown up in a back street or on the shutters of someones shop, who’s owner would probably be furiously scrubbing away at the next day to remove. So when did i stop walking by and start to look, not that long ago to be honest.

It was a day out with 2 of my Urbex buddies who were off “Graffiti Hunting” in the abandoned buildings of Sheffield, searching for the latest Phlegm (Above) / Rocket01 (Below) pieces. “Yeah I’ll tag along” I said, thinking if anything I can just shoot the abandoned buildings while they are hunting the “graff”, that will do for me. However seeing these masterpieces integrated with the decay and abandonment of their surroundings was like a train hitting me. Safe to say the bus still get’s my lack of attention but a flickr of colour in the corner of my eye and I’m off!!!