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In the early days of my exploration journey i was inspired by the grungy nasty HDR images that i was seeing on the exploration forums and Flickr so it was obvious that i was going to travel down this path with my photography………..and I loved it. To be honest i still do but in the last 12 months I have kind of toned down the heavy processing for a more realistic image.

Below are 2 identical images  processed 18mnths apart. I would love to hear your comments and views, which do you guys prefer.

SEPTEMBER 2011 / March 2013


Critical Out!!


chair web


Slight change of direction from a usual Saturday afternoon, which would normally find me at “Casa Mass” listening or watching the football. “Come climb this mountain with me it will be fun” he said. Well it’s safe to say our ideas of fun are somewhat on totally different levels.

There are numerous ways to reach the top of Snowdon but by far the most challenging and quite scary for the mountaineering noob ( like myself ) is via “Crib Goch”.

On the right is the path down, that was the easy bit, it was the knife edge walk along the top and the climb to get up there!! Not for the faint hearted.

I must admit though I am glad I took up this mini challenge as the views were simply breathtaking and the feeling of accomplishment even greater.

The above shot needs to be seen big so click the link below or full effect….oh VIEW LARGE!!


Big shout to Mr Morris ( below ) for organizing the trip, I owe you one!!

It was my first and mountain and will be my last for a while but it was worth every footstep!!

Critical Out!!


With a distinct lack of an attractive model I once again find myself home alone, learning the way of the strobe. It is a troubled path that I must conquor!! 🙂

Along with non existent hotties to photograph a lack of props to make the shots interesting is always a pain.

So I lead you to believe that I converted to black and white to create a moody atmosphere when in reality it was just to hide my slightly ( and I stress slightly ) ginger beard!!

Critical Out!!


Was back on the strobe trail today and being a tightwad i still only have the one.  I was always told though  “don’t try to walk before you can run” so for now I’ll stick to learning with one and when it’s time to move up I’ll borrow another…………I may be better with lights but that don’t mean I’m still not a tightwad!! lol

Who doesn’t wish they were a Rock Star!!

Who wishes they weren’t a moody bugger!!

There is only 1 good thing to come out of Winter ( besides Santa ), and that is the shorter days. It means I can get out at a reasonable hour and grab some night time shots. I love this kind of photography because the shot’s you can achieve are stunning and vibrant, which is such a massive contrast to what i am used to shooting.

So 7pm and it was down to the Media Village in Manchester to grab myself some colour and reflections.

Time To Get A Bit Flashy

Posted: December 25, 2011 in general photography
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Just bought myself the Nikon SB-910, well Santa got it for me really after I had a word with him. Total noob when it comes to Strobist but I welcome the challenge. Here is the first shot, flash on camera bounced off the ceiling TTL. Will venture off camera when my Westcottt Softbox arrives. Watch this space!!

As always click on the picture for a better resolution.