About Me

  1. Name – Gaz Mather
  2. DOB  –  28/12/1973
  3. Email – gazmather1973@btinternet.com                                     

Amateur photographer for the last 3/4 years, started off shooting the kids and wildlife, you know the usual. Then I discovered Urban Exploration and HDR and the rest is history. Usually found lurking in some old building around the country with fellow “Urbexers” I have met on this so called hobby of mine………oh and I like reading and music ( but then who doesn’t )

 If you would like to contact me for anything feel free to email away!!

  1. Brendan Pittaway says:

    As promised, I had a look after bumping into you at New Brighton last night.
    Cracking stuff!
    Really atmospheric images and, as discussed, those with the HDR reined in are superb.
    They’re the ones that I’ll mention to the guys on the nationals and let you know.
    It’d be worth knowing where and when they were shot and the circumstances in which these premises were abandoned, if you know them.
    It helps to set the scene.
    Best regards,


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