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Posted: May 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Neglected the blog a little bit in recent weeks,  kids and a UE trip to Belgium was partly the cause. Anyway excuses outta the way, Belgium was an epic place and a managed to shoot too may pictures ( can you ever shoot too many? ) so expect regular posts from this trip and I’ll start here.

Cooling Tower I.M

A cooling tower from an abandoned power plant. Steam comes in and condenses to form hot water which is the pumped to the top of the tower and sprayed out. It falls down the middle and along the walls and into the hole. While the water moves downwards it heats up the air in the tower, which then rises, drawing in more cool air at the bottom to replace it. At the bottom the water is cool enough to go back to the power plant. Sometimes the water becomes super saturated and so it looks like fog/smoke rising out of the top.

This is the second cooling tower I have been inside and you never get over the enormity of these buildings until it is witnessed in the flesh.



Critical Out!

  1. Innershadows says:

    great location and stunning images

  2. very cool work you have 😀

  3. Grzegorz Rogala says:

    I’ve always wanted to shot a 360 panorama inside one of these. How on earth did you get inside? If you could tell me if this one is anywhere near London and how to get there that would be stellar. By the way I’m grabbing your RSS and from now on you have another follower.

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