The Wonder Stuff / Never Loved Elvis 20th Anniversary

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Gigs
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So it’s the 3rd album and 3rd gig to celebrate the passing of 20yrs since their respective releases. It was “The Wonder Stuff” that taught me that there was music outside of the Sunday night top 40 rundown. Their first 2 albums ( Eight Legged Groove Machine and Hup ) were a constant on my walkman, from doing my paper-round in the morning then walking to school and the on my paper-round after school.

So having seen the 2 previous anniversary gigs I snapped up my tickets for the 3rd. Now Facebook is a wonderful medium and a quick one off chance message to Miles Hunt ( The singer ) found me in touch with the manager and organising a photo pass for the gig!!!. i was a bit skeptical while i was queuing for my pass but seeing my name on the list was a real buzz!

It was a surreal feeling being on the other side of the railings for a band that i have seen close on 30 times. The experience was awesome but i couldn’t help but keep looking back and thinking I’ll just nip into the mosh pit for a couple of songs lol.

So that was my first gig shoot, challenging conditions but one hell of a ride!!

It was a good f****n night though!!!

For the full set of shots at a better quality resolution click here

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