The Little Church On The Doorstep

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Urban Exploration

It’s always a buzz on a Saturday night when I am getting all my gear together for the following days explore to some far flung part of the country, leaving at stupid o’clock A.M and returning when the sun has long since turned in for the night and the moon has taken over the shift. However this weekends mooch was a totally different ball game altogether, when I heard a local church was on the cards. I could get it done after work on the Saturday and still be home for the footy results!! 

Not a big place by any means and if I’m honest not much to look at from the outside or in but it’s places like these that hide the little gems that make what we do worthwhile. In this case it was the staircase leading up to the balcony. Expecting to see just a plain sets of stairs I was on cloud 9 when I walked through the door to this – 

Along with a few pieces of history I found scattered about the place it made for, not quite the monster explore i am used to, but a quite enjoyable afternoon. It’s just a pity the footy results didn’t go my way 😦 . Can’t win em’ all!!!

  1. Looks like a nice location – sometimes all you need is a staircase and smooth walls and your in for the win. Nicely processed images.

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