The Industrial Shoreline

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Night Photography

If you’ve ever driven up the M56 around the Frodsham area you cant fail to see the seemingly endless, fortress like towers of pipes and powerlines that bellow out smoke 24/7. It’s truly an awesome sight, but it becomes even more spectacular when the cover of darkness engulfs it. I took a trip here the other night to try and capture this Industrial light show in full effect.

Maybe it was my naivety  but I should have known I was not going to be able to take a wander and snap a few shots “willy nilly”. I got as far as I could go on 4 wheels and then foot before railings/padlocks and “danger keep out” signs meant i could go no further. As an explorer these don’t usually deter me but with this place an exception was made. As it was still light and frustrated at only getting to see the tip of the iceberg i went in search of an alternative route. After consulting Google maps on my iphone I set the sat-nav to take me to unchartered territory. With the car parked on a country lane and 3 fields to cross i made haste with my gear.

“Now this is more like it” i thought. I somehow had managed to get right around the shoreline  ( X marks the spot on the map above ) and to be standing opposite, with the estuary as its defence, the whole of the site that i could only struggle to see from my usual motorway vantage point. As it was still early and light I decided this spot was one to come back to as i did not fancy a lone trek across 3 fields in the pitch black. So back to my original limited vantage point to wait for the show.

The 2 shots below are the best I could muster from such a limited view and to get these I had the tripod set up on top of the car roof!! You can get some sort of scale as to the size of this place when you look at the 2 shots below. These were taken in just the blue shaded area of the map above…….the place is like it’s own little town.

Another trip is definitely on the cards.

  1. Richard says:

    Hey Gaz… the blog is cool. I think you’ll have some followers here. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Richard, appreciate your checking it out, hopefully I’ll be able to keep it interesting.

  3. murphyz says:

    I look forward to seeing the results of the return trip…is the whole site in use?

  4. yeah, it’s a fully functioning site. I dont know if you have seen the timelapse on my flickr stream but that spot is the best vantage point but I didnt have enough reach with the 50mm and my wide angle 😦

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