Was never a fan of graffiti, if it was daubed on a wall or building i happened to be passing it would get no more attention than a bus passing in the opposite direction. However this slowly changed when my love of Urban Exploration grabbed hold of me. Graffiti to me was a tag thrown up in a back street or on the shutters of someones shop, who’s owner would probably be furiously scrubbing away at the next day to remove. So when did i stop walking by and start to look, not that long ago to be honest.

It was a day out with 2 of my Urbex buddies who were off “Graffiti Hunting” in the abandoned buildings of Sheffield, searching for the latest Phlegm (Above) / Rocket01 (Below) pieces. “Yeah I’ll tag along” I said, thinking if anything I can just shoot the abandoned buildings while they are hunting the “graff”, that will do for me. However seeing these masterpieces integrated with the decay and abandonment of their surroundings was like a train hitting me. Safe to say the bus still get’s my lack of attention but a flickr of colour in the corner of my eye and I’m off!!! 

  1. Best fo luck withthe blog dude – its hard work and time consuming, but worth it in the end.

  2. Thanks Mark, hopefully I can make it work.

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